A Salmon Trolling Adventure Awaits

Are you planning a trip to Northern Michigan and Traverse City area? If yes, we have exciting news for you! We are thrilled to announce that for the 2023 charter fishing season, we will be offering Salmon trolling trips out of Frankfort, Glen Arbor, and Leland.

Our mobility allows us to take you to where the fishing has been the best, giving you the best opportunity to catch fish while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Northern Michigan. Imagine watching the sun rise over the Arcadia Sand dunes, Whaleback of Leland, or the sand dunes of South Manitou Island. The views are incredible, and the fishing can be just as breathtaking.

Learn from our Experienced GuidesĀ 

One of the best things about trolling on a smaller boat is that it enhances your fishing experience, especially if you’re someone who values hands-on experience. You can help set rods, drive the boat at trolling speed, net your buddies’ fish, and of course, take pictures of fish as they get pulled into the boat.

Picture this – the dull glow of a warm summer morning, a coffee in your hand, and the soft sounds of seagulls calling out as the waves gently splash against the hull of the boat. As the sun starts to sneak over the hills, the chaos breaks loose, and the drag being pulled electrifies the previously quiet moment. You’re up to fight, and as you set your feet and take hold of the rod, the drag screams as the rod doubles over.

After 150 feet of line has been taken off the reel, the fish slows down. Encouraging him towards the boat with a consistent rhythm of rod pumps and steady turns of the reel handle, the fish gets closer and closer. Nearing the end, splashing and swirling just off the back corner of the boat, the King finds a last spurt of energy. A few more firm lifts of the rods followed by a well-timed crank of the reel, and the fish gets netted. Instant satisfaction can be felt while holding the fish with shaking, tired arms. Your photo is taken, and the King is put into the cooler.

The Perfect Day in Northern MichiganĀ 

Usually arriving back to the dock around 10:00 am, this experience is truly hard to beat. While some are just waking up, you’ve already created a memory for years! This timing allows you to enjoy a local brunch stop after your trip. We will have your morning catch cleaned and packed for your convenience. Simply stop and get some ice after the trip to keep your catch chilled, and you’re ready to enjoy the rest of your time in the beautiful Traverse City area!

So, what are you waiting for? Book your Salmon trolling trip today and experience the beautiful scenery and incredible fishing that Northern Michigan has to offer!