Custom Trolling Flies

 When early spring rolls around and the ice starts to melt off the lakes, the itch to get the boats prepped and in the water hits hard. Often, this time is spent getting the trolling gear ready for the season ahead of us. This year, we have kept ourselves busy by hand tying our own trolling flies that will be used throughout the Megabite charter season. We have created around 25 unique color combinations. These flies utilize two key components which are glow and UV.


Glow Material

The first key component that we used to create our custom trolling flies is glow material. Throughout the season, when we are fishing before the sun breaks the horizon or after the sun sets, we utilize lures that glow. In these low light conditions, it is vital to use these lures that glow because it produces flashes of light underwater and gives salmon and trout the ability to find it easier. Both salmon and trout are opportunistic feeders and will eat at all times through the day and night. The utilization of glowing material in our flies will give our targeted species something to hone in on when it in low light situations.


UV Material

The second key component that we tied into our flies is UV material, or ultraviolet material. Ultraviolet rays are a high-frequency band of light that are not visible to the human eye. But in recent studies, certain fish like salmon and trout, can see this UV light. The trophy fish that swim in the waters of Grand Traverse Bay use a combination of senses to locate and feed on prey. UV material, in the sunlight, really pops in the water. We utilize UV lures when the sun is out. To the naked eye, this UV material looks almost transparent. However, to the fish, that same material flashes like the rainbow.


Before we started tying our own flies, we ran into the problem that most flies on the market today are either glow or UV. We wanted to create something that combines the two key components together in the flies and also test different color combinations. This will give us the ability to fish the same fly in both low light conditions along with when the sun is high in the sky. We are extremely excited to get these flies in the water!


We are working on creating an online store where these handmade custom flies will be available to purchase!