Meet the Megabite Mates

As we get closer to our busy season, we thought the Megabite community might want to learn a little bit about the First Mates that will be guiding customers through reeling in big fish on their next fishing adventure. As great as our Captains are, the experience would not be the same without such amazing first mates.

Meet Benny

Benny is 21 years old and currently working on pursuing his Captain’s License. Don’t be fooled. Although he may only weigh 100lbs soaking wet, he can still pull the biggest of fish onto the boat. Benny is an excellent fisherman and he has a crazy amount of pride for charter fishing. He understands his role on the boat very well. He is quick to adapt to any situation thrown at him which can be very important. As much as he loves to fish, that’s not why he is even out there. Benny is the type of person that enjoys helping someone else catch a fish more than he would enjoy reeling the fish in himself which speaks volumes about his character. This mentality has served him very well in the charter fishing business. Very energetic and always keeping a positive vibe, Benny is an absolute riot to fish wish and our customers have nothing but good things to say! He will outwork anybody around just to make sure his customers are satisfied and it certainly does not go unrecognized. Just wait until you see him clean your fish. He’s the fastest around!








Meet Noah

Noah is 24 years old and is currently pursuing a degree in elementary education at Grand Valley State University. On the other end of the spectrum from Benny, Noah is the giant of the marina. You may see him hit his head on the Bimini Top on the boat. This never fails for a good laugh.  In all seriousness, Noah is a fantastic first mate. On top of being a great fisherman he is very personable and can have a conversation with anyone about anything. Noah too loves helping our customers have an amazing experience. Noah is very passionate about making sure our customers walk off the boat knowing he did everything he could to give them a good time. He loves all customers but his favorites are most definitely kids. Watching Noah work with kids on the boat is something special. He has a special knack for keeping them involved and making sure they are always comfortable. One of the best things about Noah is his hard work behind the scenes. Noah spends a lot of extra time doing little things before and after trips to make our customers experience that much better.









Between Benny and Noah, you cannot go wrong with a first mate through Megabite Charters. Charter fishing Traverse City would not be the same without these two guys! Get to know these guys, they will be right beside you every step of the way as you are reeling in that trophy!