How We Catch Fish

How We Catch Fish at Mega-Bite Fishing

How do we do so well at Mega Bite? Besides YOUR pleasure ride in the amazing waters of Traverse City’s East and West Grand Traverse Bay, we use the perfect lures that are destined to catch the fish you so desire to fight and land in our 31 foot boat.

Specifically, the Vulcan Blue Dolphin Glow Spoon is THE standard. It’s a 1/2 ounce, 5/8 inch wide by 3 inch long fishing spoon has long been a staple for salmon and trout. We usually use this as the sun comes up and down deep. It’s glow in the dark feature is so bright green, fish in low light dig it enough to go after it. Plus it’s heavy…no losing the big one because of this thing. The vibrating action calls fish from a ways out…going fast or slow troll.

There you go…hopefully the tips help you grab your best catch this year…no boat? No worries. Call us and we’ll get you happy immediately.