Fishing with Kids 

East Grand Traverse Bay is an excellent place to get kids out fishing and Megabite Fishing Charters Traverse City takes extreme pride in helping youngsters reel in big fish. We are honored to take families out for memories that will last a lifetime. Our US Coast Guard Licensed Captains do an excellent job of making sure young anglers are always feeling comfortable out on the water.

Some people may think its extra work to have kids out on the boat but we absolutely love to share our passion with the little ones.

On our fishing trips, kids are very interactive with the captain and crew. There is very little down time during the trip as we love to teach as much as we can. If you are lucky, you may even get to learn a special fish dance from one of our talented captains! The most common catch on our fishing excursions are lake trout and the kids absolutely love them. They are big enough for anyone to get excited about, yet small enough that with a little bit of assistance from the First Mate, young kids can still bring them in. Often times when a family is aboard, each fish turns into a group effort which can lead to some awesome pictures!

Having kids on the boat will usually lead to many questions and we LOVE these types of interactions. We understand that kids are somewhat like a sponge. They soak in everything in their surroundings and we make sure to set a great example for your children. More often than not, kids step off the boat with another role model, whether it be the Captain, the First Mate, or even both.

On East bay, we have the luxury of fishing within 5 minutes after we leave the dock. This helps keep the kid’s excitement as they do not have to wait for a long, boring ride out on the water.  The bay is also protected on three sides so it often keeps the waves smaller, making the trip much more comfortable for a family atmosphere. Having land on all three sides also makes kids feel much more secure out on the water because they can see land in almost every direction. We recognize that getting on a boat with “strangers” can initially be intimidating for some children but we do everything we can to make sure they are as comfortable as possible throughout the trip.

As fun as it is to see mom and dad reel in a big one, there is nothing better than seeing the excitement on a kid’s face after they see their fish finally reach the net. At Megabite, we love to assist kids in making memories that will last a lifetime out on the water.