Corporate Outings Charters

Does Team Building perplex you?? A team outing is a great way to facilitate bonding, reduce stress, and let everyone get to know each other outside of the office. Want to know what’s really fun and accomplishes all of this and more?

Fishing! Specifically, a charter fishing excursion in Traverse City, MI. A great sport for anyone at any age, charter fishing is so versatile it works perfectly as a Team Building event for businesses.

How? Two or three teams per boat compete against one another during a 4 hour fishing charter for The Biggest Fish! The Longest Fish! The Team to Limit Out Fastest! The Team with the Widest Variety of Species Caught! The Heaviest Total Catch! Or…invent your own specific competition (Team Who Lost the Most Fish, oops!). Boats hold 4-6 team members each and the number of boats can expand to meet the number of teams on your outing.

A team building Bonus?? We clean and bag everyone’s catch for them, and everyone takes home and eats what they catch!! Even more? If you want a fun follow-up event weeks after your charter, schedule a fish fry picnic at your home location, with your Team’s collective catch! Team Members will tell fish tales about who caught “the big one” and relive wonderful memories of fresh air, the gentle sound of water lapping the sides of your charter boat and the utter adrenaline rush of excitement when the captain hollers “FISH ON” and you rush to grab the pole and reel in your catch!!! Bonding and the resulting tales months later are magical when groups spend a beautiful day on the pristine blue waters of Grand Traverse Bay in Traverse City, MI.

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