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Mega Bite Flasher and Fly Combinations

Flasher and Fly Combinations Why Flasher & Fly Combos Work The “flasher and fly” combination has become one of the most popular set ups on the Great Lakes for salmon and trout fishing. There are some common questions that we get asked daily when it comes to fishing flasher and flies. These questions include: how does the flasher and fly work, what kind of flasher, what color combinations, what leader lengths, and what rod to run them on. We will go over these questions, but first, let’s talk about why the flasher and fly combo is so deadly. Salmon and… Read More »

Custom Trolling Flies

Custom Trolling Flies  When early spring rolls around and the ice starts to melt off the lakes, the itch to get the boats prepped and in the water hits hard. Often, this time is spent getting the trolling gear ready for the season ahead of us. This year, we have kept ourselves busy by hand tying our own trolling flies that will be used throughout the Megabite charter season. We have created around 25 unique color combinations. These flies utilize two key components which are glow and UV.   Glow Material The first key component that we used to create… Read More »

Rod and Reel Combinations for all Seasons and Conditions

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Rod and Reel Combinations  Have you ever been on a Traverse City Fishing Charter with Mega Bite and wondered why there are so many rod and reel combinations onboard when only 10-13 get used regularly? Well, these setups all have a specific purpose and each one does actually get used, depending on the time of year and the specific fishing approach that day. Some of the rods get used on a daily basis but others may only get used in the spring vs. later in the summer. We will admit, we do think the boats look better with a plethora… Read More »