Experience Unforgettable Jigging Trips in Northern Michigan with Mega-Bite Fishing Charters

Boy with Trout during Mega-Bite Fishing Charter

If you’re looking for an unforgettable fishing experience in Northern Michigan, look no further than Mega-Bite Fishing Charters. Our jigging trips are the perfect way to explore the Great Lakes region and catch fish in a more intimate setting. As one of the best Northern Michigan fishing charters, we offer personalized and guided trips with experienced fishing guides who know the best spots to fish and the most effective jig and bait combinations. Lake Trout is one of the most popular fish species to catch while jigging in Northern Michigan, and our fishing guides are experts at helping you catch… Read More »

Salmon Trolling Trips

Lake Michigan, Frankfort MI

A Salmon Trolling Adventure Awaits Are you planning a trip to Northern Michigan and Traverse City area? If yes, we have exciting news for you! We are thrilled to announce that for the 2023 charter fishing season, we will be offering Salmon trolling trips out of Frankfort, Glen Arbor, and Leland. Our mobility allows us to take you to where the fishing has been the best, giving you the best opportunity to catch fish while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Northern Michigan. Imagine watching the sun rise over the Arcadia Sand dunes, Whaleback of Leland, or the sand dunes of… Read More »

Smallmouth Fishing in the Traverse City Area

Mega Bite Jigging Trips

WORLD CLASS FISHING Smallmouth fishing in the Traverse City area is world class for several reasons. A few of the reasons include the crystal clear waters, the breathtaking scenery, and the abundance of Smallmouth the area offers. The clear waters of the area can be very intimidating for those who are not on the water everyday. Fortunately Captain Ron Dohm Jr and the guides of SportFishMichigan are out chasing these fish everyday during the spring and fall. This ensures that on your Smallmouth trip all of the odds will be in your favor. The only thing left for you to… Read More »

Big Anglers, Little Anglers

Big Brothers Big Sisters | Megabite Fishing Charters

Big Brothers Big Sisters Northwestern Michigan (Bigs) is a program dedicated to aiding, encouraging, and uplifting children in need in our Northwestern Michigan communities. They are currently serving over 300 children across five counties in our region, doing what they can to accomplish their vision; that all youth achieve their full potential. Both Harvard University and The Wall Street Journal agree that Big Brothers Big Sisters is the Gold Standard of mentoring, stating that “an investment in Bigs will have a transformative effect on young lives.”  The Bigs website also states that “by participating in fun activities together…it can potentially… Read More »

Fish to Fertilizer

Fish to Fertilizer

Use the Whole Fish  Not all Traverse City fishing charters are as special as a trip with Mega Bite. Not only will we teach you how to fish but we will also teach you about different ways you can use your fish. A common question we are asked when cleaning fish after a day on the water is “what do you guys do with the fish guts?” While we do throw them in a trash bag, they do not go in the trash. We actually store them in a freezer behind the marina clubhouse and they are picked up at… Read More »

Mega Bite Flasher and Fly Combinations

Flasher and Fly Combinations Why Flasher & Fly Combos Work The “flasher and fly” combination has become one of the most popular set ups on the Great Lakes for salmon and trout fishing. There are some common questions that we get asked daily when it comes to fishing flasher and flies. These questions include: how does the flasher and fly work, what kind of flasher, what color combinations, what leader lengths, and what rod to run them on. We will go over these questions, but first, let’s talk about why the flasher and fly combo is so deadly. Salmon and… Read More »

Meet the Megabite Mates

Meet the Megabite Mates As we get closer to our busy season, we thought the Megabite community might want to learn a little bit about the First Mates that will be guiding customers through reeling in big fish on their next fishing adventure. As great as our Captains are, the experience would not be the same without such amazing first mates. Meet Benny Benny is 21 years old and currently working on pursuing his Captain’s License. Don’t be fooled. Although he may only weigh 100lbs soaking wet, he can still pull the biggest of fish onto the boat. Benny is an excellent fisherman… Read More »

Custom Trolling Flies

Custom Trolling Flies  When early spring rolls around and the ice starts to melt off the lakes, the itch to get the boats prepped and in the water hits hard. Often, this time is spent getting the trolling gear ready for the season ahead of us. This year, we have kept ourselves busy by hand tying our own trolling flies that will be used throughout the Megabite charter season. We have created around 25 unique color combinations. These flies utilize two key components which are glow and UV.   Glow Material The first key component that we used to create… Read More »

Salmon in the Classroom

Megabite Fishing Charters Salmon Fishing

Salmon in the Classroom Most people don’t realize when they are battling a big king salmon on a Traverse City fishing charter, that it could be a fish introduced to the ecosystem through a 6th grade student somewhere in the state of Michigan. Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources has developed an awesome hands-on program to get students involved in learning the life cycle of a salmon from the egg stage until they are ready to be released in a river. Captain Jared was fortunate enough to actually participate in this program as a 6th grade student and his teacher mom has been… Read More »

Great Lakes Chowder Recipe

Great Lakes Chowder Recipe _ Stacey Brugeman

GREAT LAKES CHOWDER Serves 6 to 8 Did you know that soup is one of the best ways to use frozen fish? Filets of lake trout, whitefish, perch, walleye, or salmon can go straight from the freezer to the pot and poach while cooking. Once the fish is cooked enough that it just begins to flake apart with a fork, it’s ready to eat. But there’s one critical rule. The most important step to any frozen fish recipe is making sure that your catch goes into the freezer the day it is caught, not days later because you haven’t used… Read More »