Big Brothers Big Sisters Northwestern Michigan (Bigs) is a program dedicated to aiding, encouraging, and uplifting children in need in our Northwestern Michigan communities. They are currently serving over 300 children across five counties in our region, doing what they can to accomplish their vision; that all youth achieve their full potential. Both Harvard University and The Wall Street Journal agree that Big Brothers Big Sisters is the Gold Standard of mentoring, stating that “an investment in Bigs will have a transformative effect on young lives.” 

The Bigs website also states that “by participating in fun activities together…it can potentially rewrite a child’s future. AND change your life.” This is a feeling that the team at Mega-Bite Fishing Charters knows well. Owner and Captain Adam’s experiences with his own boys as well as the trips with kids of all ages who jump on the boat for a day of fishing fun are particularly rewarding. “There is nothing like catching the sparkle in the eye of a child as he or she lands their first big fish. It’s the absolute best feeling in the world.”  At Mega-Bite, we’re proud and enthusiastic supporters of Bigs and the kids they serve; by taking children out on our boats throughout the summer, our hope is to see those smiles and invest our time and knowledge to make a difference. 

One of the reasons Bigs is successful in our communities is because our communities are filled with people who care, and who choose to share their time, expertise, and kindness with the young people of Northwestern Michigan. Mega-Bite Fishing Charters is also full of those people, and the kids of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwestern Michigan will have many chances throughout the summer to see this for themselves. Through teaching, encouragement, support, and enjoyment, we are hoping to inspire a new generation of responsible anglers. Our outings have the potential, not only to be a fun day out on the water but give the Bigs kids some knowledge and skills for the future.

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